Purple Week au Musée de la Lavande

Welcome to the Lavender Museum

Welcome to our site, our invitation to you to explore our universe of lavender. For generations, our life’s work and our undertakings have centered on true lavender. As you will see throughout these pages, our motivation and our family history are closely connected to rare and beautiful true lavender – to the plant and above all to growing lavender, to distilling lavender, to the legend of lavender. We hope to share our passion with you and to host you one day soon at the Lavender Museum, a unique place to share the love of lavender. The Lavender Museum is a warm and friendly place to visit and to discover the history of lavender, interesting collections and unusual, unique objects.

To introduce you to the many properties of our essential oil of lavender, we propose well-being products and cosmetics using essential oil of true lavender in our shop “Le Château du Bois”. Here you will find 100% pure essential oil of true lavender from Haute Provence, Appellation d’Origine Protégée (Protected Designation of Origin) and our products using this pure essential oil of true lavender.

Enjoy your visit, and see you soon!

Sophie and Jack Lincelé


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