Our registered brand “Le Château du Bois®” means top quality cosmetic products and well-being products.

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We guarantee the origin and the processes of our 100% natural true lavender products

Flacon Huile

The Château du Bois® guarantees and commitments for its natural cosmetics and well-being products:
Each and every cosmetic product is made with AOC true lavender essential oil from the 100% pure and natural harvest at Château du Bois.
The formulas for our products emphasize

the natural active ingredients in our natural plants: essential oils, plant oils, oil extracts.

Each product has undergone clinical tests proving its safety for use on the skin.




Each cosmetic is environmentally-friendly:

  • no silicones, no mineral oils,
  • no dyes, no synthetic fragrance,
  • no paraben, no phenoxyethanol,
  • no lauryl sulfate, no polyethylene glycol products (PEG, PPG) except for the foaming products such as “hair and body shower gel” and the “milk bath”,
  • no animal ingredients,
  • products not tested on animals (except for beehive products).

All packaging is easy to recycle (glass, recyclable PET, cardboard).
Boxes use 100% biodegradable cornstarch particles which break down in water leaving no toxic residues.


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