Provence is a land of legends – and Lavender is a legend unto itself

Cultural Exception

Le château du bois - Bougie senteur lavandeThe unrivalled fragrance of true lavender is used by the greatest perfume makers

The use of lavender goes back to ancient times, to the Greek and Roman era. The Romans used lavender to scent their bath water and to scent freshly washed linens. The master glove makers in the French city of Grasse made leather gloves for the high society of France and Europe. The smell of the tanned leather was unacceptable to the finely-dressed men and women, and essential oil of true lavender was used to perfume the gloves and mask the smell of the leather.


Le château du bois - Habit de parfumeur

The glove-makers’ guild was founded in 1614 in Grasse. In 1714, the guild became known as the glove-makers/perfumers’ guild. And in 1759, the same guild became the master perfumers’ guild. The expertise of the perfume makers built up slowly over generations of families working in the field of perfume. The dynamic people involved, and the abundant natural resources, including roses, jasmine, tuberose and lavender, led to the perfume industry becoming the top industry in Grasse, which then became the world capital of perfume.
True lavender has retained a strong base and fervent devotees, and it is still used by the most prestigious perfume makers such as Guerlain, Caron and Azzaro.
Lavender "perfumes" everyday life in Provence. There are always little sachets of lavender in the armoires and dresser drawers to scent household linens and clothing. Popular legend has it that lavender sachets bring good luck…


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