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About Us

The Lincelé Family – the adventure of true lavender

A Case for a Precious Flower

Located in the golden triangle of the Luberon, in Coustellet, it is a traditional Provençal building (named a Mas) made of dry stones and surrounded with lavender fields under the shade of the olive and pine trees that the Lavender Museum was created in 1991 by Georges Lincelé. Visionnary, he founded the first and only museum dedicated entirely to the fine lavender of Provence, Lavandula Officinalis Chaix. The ethnologic museum highlights the many faces of this flower, true ambassador of Provence. Dedicated to the history and the know-how of lavender distillers, the Lavender Museum unveils the true art of real lavender. It allies the beauty of this culture, the environmental commitment and the uses for health in aromatherapy and cosmetics. The preservation of this heritage and the transmission of this endemic lavender from the mountains of Provence are still the purpose of this passionate people who work in this museum.


Preserved Tradition and Heritage

The tour allows the visitor to delve in the historical and olfactive universe of this provençal icon thanks to the discovery of botanical varieties of lavender, the history of the first producers and distillers, scenography with the private collection of lavender heritage with 346 unique items. To complete this tour, an enthusiastic and multicultural team of specialized guides shares and transmits the values and traditions of this one-of-a-kind lavender. The Lavender Museum is an extraordinary conservatory to preserve Mother Nature’s heritage and the talent of these men and women making each day of the year to paint the beautiful sceneries of the Provençal lavender fields.

A Modern and Full of Life Museum

So as to bring depth to different subjects, thematic visits are offered all year long about environment, greed, scents, romanticism, traditions related to celebrations. The different areas in the museum allow specific activities too.

There is the History exhibit, the projection room to learn about the harvest and the traditional distillation that are the process used in Le Chateau du Bois at 1100 meters up in the mountains. There is also the workshop which makes you live an unforgettable experience with your family or with a group by presenting you some Do-It-Yourself creations, and the distillation in the garden of the museum where the delicate aroma of lavender leads the visitors to the still during summer. The private Salon upstairs offers a muted welcome and so does our team in the museum shop, a privileged area to be introduced to all the organic and natural cosmetics, to the essential oil of PDO-certified Fine Lavender from Provence, to all the haute-perfumerie-fragrances Le Chateau du Bois by our beauty and wellness specialists.


Quality Venue

High-end museographical tools such as the latest in audioguides in 11 languages (free for 10-year-olds and younger, headphones for guided tours for hearing comfort and interactive spaces with the first interactive digital wall for even more sensations, a kid area with a touch table to have fun while learning. All-year round visitors big or young get to live the exclusive moments and enjoy a warm stay during the Lavender Museum events. Follow the news of the museum and display the program.


  • Accessible for mental, hearing and visually impaired visitors
  • 2007 – 1st site in Vaucluse to earn this distinction
  • 1er site vauclusien labellisé
  • Le Musée de la Lavande – Coustellet – Qualité Tourisme 2012
  • Quality tourism business destination in 2011
  • Quality tourism cultural site in 2012
  • 1st site in the Provence-Alps-Cote d’Azur region to earn this distinction
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