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Le Château du Bois Provence®

Organic cosmetics made with our essential oil of fine lavender

Le Château du Bois® is the name of our family owned lavender estate located in the mountains of Provence. Now it has also become the brand name for our range of natural cosmetics using true lavender. We have selected this name as a tribute to all the generations of our family who have worked to grow, defend and promote 100% pure and natural true lavender.

Le Château du Bois® is now a well-recognized brand, acknowledged by professionals and individual users. It means high quality and authenticity. Its fame is due to the true professional expertise which stands behind the products. Le Château du Bois® also means sustainable development. We work with regional specialists such as the BEA laboratories, cosmetics specialists who make and package our products in the town of Forcalquier, in Haute Provence. The extra special care we take in every step of production, from the creation of the product through to packaging, has led our products to become fashionable products in addition to authentic, healthy products.

Turn your roots into a fashionable concept – that is a true reward for our hard work and a guarantee of continuation for our lavender-growing activity.

Our registered brand Le Château du Bois® proposes a marvelous palette of face and body care products in a spirit of tradition and well-being. 100% pure and natural essential oil with the Guaranteed Origin label.

Floral waters or hydrosol made with distillation water. A full range of natural cosmetics with relaxing massage oils, pure plant-based soap, bath creme, milk, gel… natural Eaux de toilette, home ambiance (candles, incense …), 100% true lavender flower infusions and tisanes sachets of flowers, bags of lavender, good luck charms for your armoires.

All the Le Château du Bois® products are highly successful – this encourages us to continue in the direction we have defined for ourselves – with demanding levels of quality and total respect for our clientèle.
This passion and these demanding standards have led to our excellent reputation in France and abroad. Please come check out all our products in our online Boutique.

We guarantee the origin and the processes of our 100% natural true lavender products

The Château du Bois® guarantees and commitments for its natural cosmetics and well-being products: Each and every cosmetic product is made with AOC true lavender essential oil from the 100% pure and natural harvest at Château du Bois. The formulas for our products emphasize the natural active ingredients in our natural plants: essential oils, plant oils, oil extracts. Each product has undergone clinical tests proving its safety for use on the skin and is environmentally-friendly:

drop of lavender oil

  • no silicones, no mineral oils,
  • no dyes, no synthetic fragrance,
  • no paraben, no phenoxyethanol,
  • no lauryl sulfate, no polyethylene glycol products (PEG, PPG) except for the foaming products such as “hair and body shower gel” and the “milk bath”,
  • no animal ingredients,

All packaging is easy to recycle (glass, recyclable PET, cardboard). Boxes use 100% biodegradable cornstarch particles that break down in water leaving no toxic residues.