Romantic Tour

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Discover the Emblematic Role of Lavender in Amorous Relationships

This themed tour deals with the subject that has made our hearts beat since the dawn of time, love, and of course, the emblematic role of lavender in amorous relationships all around the world. This tour is full of surprises and anecdotes and ends with the confection of a love potion!

  • When you get your informational leaflet at the reception, discover the botanical difference between wild lavenders and endemic ones from Provence, and the hybrid ones, the lavandines, through the explanations of our specialized guides.
  • Which lavender is used to create a love potion? According to the season, this first botanical part can happen in the gardens of the museum. It can also be presented around the still during the distillation period, from July 1st to August 25th.
  • In the projection room, enjoy a beautiful documentary that was shot on our lavender-growing estate, Le Château du Bois, following the lavender summer harvest, from cutting to distilling in order to obtain the most precious of essential oils.
  • In the exhibition room that showcases the most exquisite collector’s items, the guide tells you about the history of fine lavender from the 16th century to now. During the tour, the guide unveils the customs, the language of flowers, a few anecdotes, and ends on the beautiful legend of the Lavandula fairy — a true initiation into what lavender symbolizes in the romantic language! This romantic tour takes you from the Roman Era to now, telling you about Casanova and the confection of his love potion at the end of the tour!
  • At the end of the tour, you can smell and try the Haute Provence PDO Lavender essential oil, the niche perfumes, and organic cosmetics. The explanations of our advisors on fabrication and usage unveil the virtues of fine lavender and of Provençal and medicinal plants. Next, enjoy a tasting of lavender herbal tea in the shop. Children correct their quizzes with the Lavender Team, who give them their young lavender growers diplomas.